Alice Mumbi Selling Stolen Perzina Pianos from BOL Pianos NL at Wow Pianos

We announce all parties interested that one of our former sales agents in Kenya, named Alice Mumbi, founded a parallel company named Wow Pianos and stolen our pianos. Those Pianos were never paid to the owner, that is Bol Pianos NL, nor by her as a private person nor by any company in her name, they were never paid to us, therefore we announce all buyers to be aware to our published list of stolen pianos;  it is very likely as we show below that you find stolen pianos in the market in Kenya so kindly check with us at if the piano you want to buy is not a stolen one or check list of the stolen pianos and grand pianos in Kenya.

Bol Pianos NL is sole exclusive distributor of Perzina Pianos and Gerh. Steinberg Pianos in Africa, also sole distributor of Zimmermann Pianos, Hoffmann Pianos, Bechstein Piano Brands and Refurbished Yamaha and Kawai. Therefore, if you think to buy a piano in this period, kindly know that the market si flooded with about 120 stolen pianos from us so you better check if you are not about to buy a stolen good, by the serial number. See here the list and the serial numbers of the stolen pianos from Bol Pianos NL.

All buyers should know that every piano is registered by a serial number as unique, serial number which is marked on the iron frame of the every piano.

We kindly ask the entitled authorities to check the proof of payments towards us, as owners, because Mrs. Alice Mumbi took possession of these pianos by stealing them with no payment to us as owners. All these are stolen goods and we, as legitimate owners of the goods, announce all buyers to be aware that all these pianos by the serial numbers listed below belong to Bol Pianos NL.

We will proceed to recover all our stolen pianos in Kenya.

We confirm by this that the sole owner of the goods of BOL Pianos is Mr. Ronald Gerdinus BOL (as the name indicates) by his appointment by the Factory since 2012 by of himself and his company Bol Piano’s & Vleugels B.V. We attach naming from the Factory that is the producer of the pianos. is only and  entirely own by Ronald Gerdinus BOL since its creation in 2011, as below, so no other parties or so called company can speak in our name.

bolpianos kenie ownership ron bol

No other third parties can legitimately or legally claim to be or to speaking in our name as Bol Pianos, except Mr. Ronald Gerdinus BOL who is the sole representative and owner of the pianos in his own name as sole genuine owner of the goods as his own name indicates.



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Alice Mumbi at Wow Pianos 12.06.2020

stolen bol pianos kenia alice mumbi

stolen bol pianos kenia alice mumbi wow pianos

stolen bol pianos kenia alice mumbi wow pianos


Perzina Stolen Piano from Bol Pianos NL at Wow Pianos Shop to be sold

stolen bol pianos kenia wow store

stolen bol pianos kenia wow store

Perzina Brand Upright Piano Stolen to be sold at Wow Pianos Shop

stolen bol pianos wow perzina

stolen bol pianos wow perzina