The piano: The most beautiful piece of furniture in the house

Imagine, you come to someone's house for the first time and when you walk into the living room, the first thing you see is a beautiful, shiny black grand piano. No doubt this does something to you. Without having to do anything, you can already hear the first notes sounding in your head. In your mind, someone carefully takes a seat on the bench to play the keys. That's what pianos do to people, but there are more reasons why a piano or grand piano in your home is of added value.


In the first place, a piano is, of course, a classical musical instrument. You can learn to play the piano at any age, but especially for children, learning to play the piano has all kinds of advantages. Not only is playing the piano a good alternative to gaming, several studies have shown that children who learn to play the piano achieve up to fifty percent better school results. This gives them a better memory, a better analytical ability and a better ability to focus.

Music connects

Music is a binding factor. It brings people together. If your child has mastered a piece of music well, there's nothing cozier than sitting around the piano with each other and listening to your son or daughter perform. Especially when it's Christmas and the whole family can sing along to 'Oh Christmas tree', while on the mantelpiece the candles flicker gently.

Smart investement

Buying a piano is a smart investment. It is an instrument that will last for a very long time and can be enjoyed by several generations. Moreover, the instrument retains its value. So if at some point the whole family has finished playing, you can be sure that you will easily find a new owner for the piano who will gratefully take over the instrument from you.

The piano: an eyecatcher

Even if a piano is not (anymore) actively played, it still adds something to your interior and forms what stands in the way. As a piece of furniture you will find pianos and grand pianos in different designs, matching the rest of your interior. There are versions in different types of wood, you can choose a version in white, and of course also in classic black. High-gloss black is still the most popular version for pianos and grand pianos, not in the least because such a piano really does something for your interior: it is a stately instrument that gives cachet to your home.

Our finest brands

Fortunately at Bol Pianos we have a wide range of pianos and grand pianos. There is something for everyone. Of course we have the brands from the highest segment, the so-called Rolls Royces among pianos: Bösendorfer (Vienna, Austria), Bechstein (Berlin, Germany) and Steingraeber & Söhne (Southern Germany). Fans of Steinway also get their money's worth. But maybe you will fall for our pianos from Japan from Yamaha and Kawai, we have a number of beautifully restored copies that are as good as new. Finally, our house brand is very worth mentioning: Perzina. The Perzina pianos can compete with the big brands in sound and quality, are completely handmade and have an unprecedented price-quality ratio.

We're sure you can succeed with us. With more than 1500 pianos and 150 grand pianos in all classes, types and sizes, we are the largest piano shop in Europe. In our shop in Veenendaal you can compare different brands and models at your leisure. You are most welcome!

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