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“All our Property was confiscated in Kenya by the Kenyan Authorities”



We are an Investor in Kenya since 2011, when we created Bol Pianos Africa.


At the end of June 2020, by inimaginable abuse, all our property was confiscated through a search warrant by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, absolutely all our pianos and assets on stock in our showroom in Diamond Plaza 2 were taken and brought to Gigiri Police by officer Lazarus Kiprop. (I attach the documentation and the assets taken).


We kindly ask the Dutch Embassy and all the entitled European Authorities in Kenya to represent our case further on to the Kenyan Authorities. What happened to Bol Piano's & Vleugels B.V. in Kenya is unprecedented and it fails any consideration for further investments in Kenya as a trustable country.

Kindly re-evaluate the business climate in Kenya for the Dutch Companies and Dutch Investors after you discuss our case with the Kenyan Authorities.


Kindly see below our DEMAND LETTER FOR TORT OF CONVERSION of approximately 130 PIANOS property of BOL PIANO’S & VLEUGELS B.V. together with all the documentation, made by out advocate there, Mr. Timothy Bryant.


We will launch an ample worldwide media campaign about our situation in Kenya informing all political and media institutions about abuses in Kenya urging them to not further invest in this corrupt country.


Our request to the Kenyan State it is in brief as follows:


"Unless urgent remedial action is taken by yourselves, either jointly or severally, within the next seven (7) days, we shall sue you in the tort of conversion for (i) the return of all the pianos owned by Bol Piano's & Vleugels or (ii) the cash value of the said pianos. State officers who negligently perform their duties in regard to the property of Bol Piano's And Vleugels, without regard to the potential for economic loss or otherwise caring for the ensuing damage caused to BPV as a foreign investor, shall be sued in their private capacity and we shall make all strenuous efforts to ensure that the Office of the Attorney General does NOT represent them since this representation will be a further insult to the PIN NUMBER A002071809A VAT NUMBER 0169201Ftaxpaying Kenyan public.


Since the written complaints of Bol Piano's & Vleugels to all Kenya government institutions charged under the constitution with management and supervision of the law and order sector

and oversight thereof have failed Bol Piano's & Velugels, after several months of complaints and visits, it can only be concluded that the law and order sector in Kenya is populated by persons who deserve to be sued in tort, as their actions are obviously not amenable to any criminal process. It is a shame that the law and order sector has been turned into an instrument to deprive a foreign investor of its property, using the force of arms in order to assist a thief to possess and hold property. It is a dire indictment on the PIN NUMBER A002071809A VAT NUMBER 0169201F economic fortunes of Kenya’s unemployed millions, due to the negligence and sheer indifference with which a foreign investor is treated by the law and order sector public



We urge the DPP and the DCI to hold the public servants under their supervision to account and further discipline them by ensuring that the pianos are returned to BPV within seven (7) days hence. In the event that this does not happen, we are already in possession of instructions to file the appropriate legal proceedings against all listed parties, jointly and severally, seeking orders for a return of all the pianos listed in annexure “A12” to BPV within the next seven (7) days, and/or in the alternative, for payment of the full cost of these pianos plus damages, exemplary damages, costs and interest on costs in your private and personal capacities in the tort of conversion and other applicable legal remedies. We trust that wise counsel will prevail, and that evil counsel will be deflected."



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Date: 22.07.2020

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