"Here you feel our love of music"

Piano playing sounds different every day

The piano has played an important role all my life. I started playing the piano when I was six years old, my first piano was given to me by my grandmother Marina. I learned to play the piano from a private teacher at the music school and was so taken with it that I decided to study at the Conservatory. In 2009 I obtained my master's degree there.

I think the best thing about piano playing is that it's different every day. We humans wake up every day with different emotions, that's why your piano playing sounds different every time. I immediately hear it when a musician plays with his heart and tells a story with his music. 

Customers feel at home

Thanks to my work at Bol Pianos Amsterdam, I'm working on my favourite musical instrument every day. We are in the heart of Amsterdam, a very nice location. The business has been around for 75 years and you feel the love for music with us. That's why customers choose us, we share their love for pianos and make them feel at home here. A lot of customers come from North Holland, but we actually get people from all over the world. That's because Amsterdam is an international city and also because Bol Pianos has offices all over the world. 

From Yamaha to Steinberg

We sell a wide range of pianos from all kinds of brands. Personally I like Bösendorfer, but actually you can't make a wrong choice. Many customers come for a Yamaha, and eventually choose the sound of a beautiful Perzina or Steinberg piano. At the moment, acoustic pianos with a silent system are very popular. In Amsterdam everyone has to deal with neighbors, so many customers want to be able to play with headphones on them. I understand that very well.

Advice on purchase and maintenance

We not only help customers with the choice to purchase a piano, but can also advise on the proper maintenance of the instrument. It's a big purchase, so you want to use it sparingly. My tips are: tuning regularly, paying close attention to the humidity, and giving it a good maintenance once every five years, i.e. cleaning, regulating and voicing. Yes, those are professional terms. What many people don't know is that you don't necessarily have to buy a piano, if you don't have the means to do so you can also lease a piano from us. This way you can have a piano at your disposal without having to make a large expense!

Marina Popova: sales advisor at Bol Pianos Amsterdam