Why every child should play the piano

Making music is a magical thing. The moment a child can play a song for the first time, something happens to that child. The eyes of the boy or girl begin to shine, and the parents shine with pride. You can learn to make music on all kinds of instruments. The classical acoustic piano is often chosen, and for good reason.

iPad sideways, instrument with it

Many people find it important to bring their child into contact with music. They see the development of musicality as a valuable part of upbringing. That's why they would like their child to put the iPad aside more often and learn to play an instrument instead.

piano spelen voor kinderen

No one will argue that learning to play a musical instrument is good for a child's development. But why is that? What does making music do for a child's development? And why is the piano such a suitable instrument for this?

Brain spinning at full speed

When you play the piano, your brain is spinning at full speed. You read the notes, understand what they say and convert those notes into sounds. When playing the notes you use all ten fingers, which have to move independently of each other. Your ears check whether the notes you have read match the sounds you make. And this all happens at the same time. You can check how hard your brain has to work for that. 

Playing music enhances your intelligence

It is scientifically proven that learning something new, including learning to play the piano, has a positive effect on your brain. Moreover, children who play an instrument have a more strongly connected left and right hemispheres than children who do not. These neuronal connections determine the level of intelligence! Playing the piano therefore promotes your IQ level. Isn't that what you want for every child?

piano spelen G. Steinberg 

Positive effects of piano playing

A lot of research has been done into the positive effects of playing the piano with children. The list of benefits is unbelievable: it increases your mathematical insight, you get better abstraction, you can think better analytically, you get better memory, you can focus better, it enhances your empathic ability and has a positive effect on your mood. The latter is not unimportant, because in the end it is also about fun. And playing the piano is just a lot of fun!

Stress: which piano?

Well, by now you're convinced: your child should take piano lessons as soon as possible! But you don't have a piano yet. Which piano should you choose? You can choose a digital piano, but an acoustic piano is the best. However, there is so much to choose from that you will soon be unable to see the wood for the trees. Don't panic, we at Bol Pianos do nothing more than advise you

Good deal: a Steinberg Economy

At the moment we have a very suitable piano in stock: a piano of a top brand, but with a friendly price tag: the UP-123 from the Economy series by G. Steinberg, now for only 3,490 Euro. This piano has a nice full sound, with deep basses and clear undertone. The model has a luxury one-piece keyboard lid, something you usually only find on pianos of about 10,000 Euro. The valve is also equipped with a comfortable slow-fall.

The model is black high gloss and finished with chrome fittings, which gives a luxurious look. Thus, this piano will not look out of place in your home as a piece of furniture. If you like your child can practice silently, the piano can be extended with a BOLAN silent system (playing with headphones). 



G. Steinberg Piano


Want to give it a try?

Would you like to drop by to try this piano or one of the other pianos we offer in peace and quiet? You are most welcome in one of our showrooms. We hope to welcome you soon!