Pianofest with Liza Bochkareva and Martin Oei.

On 13 October and 3 November 2018 I will be able to play the beautiful Bösendorfer of BOL pianos in the Concertgebouw again. But there's a sad edge to those concerts: originally Daniel Wayenberg was supposed to be there, but he's still recovering after surgery and won't be able to perform in the coming months.

Liza Bochkareva, a young pianist from Montenegro, who taught me at the Utrecht Conservatory, is fortunately willing to perform with me. We have put together a very nice alternative programme for the 13th of October: we are going to play the piano concerts of Grieg and Rachmaninov (the Second) on two grand pianos.

The programme on November 3 is unchanged, instead of Daniel Wayenberg Liza Bochkoreva will play the orchestral part of Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto. Before the break the Liszt sonata and a special version of the Rondo a la Turca in a virtuoso arrangement by Arcadi Volodos.

Last year we had sold-out rooms, this year the organisation made the Piano Festivities extra attractive and there are delicious petit fours at the break. So come and listen to the new generation of pianists in the Concertgebouw on beautiful BOL grand pianos!

Martin Oei
Martin Oei (photo by Sarah Wong).