In short, the cycle has been completed to give the sustainable, often older pianos, a nice place in families with a very limited budget, but with good educational development prospects to get into a positive spiral. New pianos and grand pianos are also sold. The ratio between new pianos and used pianos is approximately 50/50. No interest is charged on the financial facilities made available, while those in African countries are often sky-high. The pianos are fully checked in the Netherlands before they are shipped by container to Africa. Many families in the Netherlands, where all the old / occasion piano is no more room, ask to know that the piano or wing them to his highly appreciated services satisfied, contributing a new musical life is given by exchanging their old piano for a new one or having the instrument purchased by BOL Pianos for a small amount.

BOL Africa is the sole representative of all piano and grand piano manufactured by BOL, including C. Bechstein, Steingraeber & Söhne , W. Hoffmann, Perzina , G. Steinberg, Zimmermann . Many BOL restored Yamaha and Kawai pianos and Grand Pianos also find their way from Europe there.