Bol Pianos: A world of experience

With honesty and passion Bol Pianos introduces you into the world of pianos and informs you about new or pre used instruments. We have a large variety of pianos, good instruments which suit every player, from beginner to concert pianist and for every budget. In other words: suitable for every human being and every humans being is unique. Every human being has his or her own choice. Like Shakespeare once said – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder -.

Sound and touch

Of course there are many quality standards of which can be told many things, but especially the sound and touch are very important. We guide you and teach the customer how to buy a piano, simply by comparing many instruments in one showroom. Choosing an instrument is not so difficult as it seems; simply by listening to your own judgment. What suits you best. Of course brand, model and budget play an important role.

We actually do not sell a piano, but let the customer choose and buy from the wide range of instruments. It is important to make an objective choice in the same acoustic environment within a walking distance of 8 seconds (which is the time to ‘remember’ a sound), but also in the same mood in which the customer is at that specific moment. To buy a piano is much more a matter of the heart than of the mind; everybody knows what he or she prefers. Bol tries to eliminate all obstructions and doubts and tries to guide the customer through the big variety of sound, model and cabinet. A customer is not able to secure a sound in his memory and bring the sound with him to another store for comparison. You can only experience the sound when listening to the instrument. So thinking about a sound at home does not make sense and is useless. However, you can always come back to the store and listen to the piano once more.

Bol Piano's als groothandel

Bol is a household term for over 45 years now. The owner, Ron Bol, started his career in a piano wholesale company which represented in The Netherlands many brands exclusively for example Yamaha, Kemble, Barratt & Robinson, Nordiska, Chappell, Inbal, Haegele, Blüthner, Zimmermann, Alexander Hermann, Fuchs & Möhr. During this time he obtained his master’s certificate in piano technique. Later on when he has already started his own business, this variety of brands was for the most part taken over. As a distributor Bol also became involved in designing pianos. Under his supervision Perzina pianos were manufactured in Germany and later on in Asia in a joint venture with an Asian manufacturer. As vice president and export manager of Perzina Piano Mfg. Co. Ltd. he travels all over the world. In the United States his company, Perzina Pianos America LLC, he imports Perzina and sells them to retail shops. He represents the Perzina factory at NAMM in Anaheim. Bol has much experience in the piano business because of his regular visits to retailers and knows his way around in the world of pianos.

About 15 years ago Ron Bol decided to start his own shops in the Benelux to be able to sell directly from the factory to the private customer. Bol brands in the Benelux are Bösendorfer, C. Bechstein, Steingraeber & Söhne, Perzina, W. Hoffmann, G. Steinberg, Zimmermann, Estonia and a wide range of pre used instruments. It is the widest selection of instruments in Europe. The shops are located in Veenendaal (main establishment) Amsterdam, Krimpen a/d IJssel, Hasselt (B), Kalmthout (B) and Nairobi (Kenya). The company has its own factory for the restoration of pre used pianos which find their way to many European countries. They are not to be distinguished from new instruments. The name Yamaha attracts many customers to the shops were the majority chooses a different brand after seeing so many other beautiful instruments.

Bol has several workshops in various branches were skilled technicians, tuners and restorers work to refine the instruments even more.

It is really a dynamic business!