At Bol Pianos, in addition to the purchase of a piano, digital piano or grand piano, you can also come to Bol Pianos for a number of additional services such as (day) rentals, purchase and valuation of pianos and grand pianos, repairs and restorations, tuning of pianos and grand pianos and renting instruments.

You can, for example, make playing arrangements with us or request a trial placement.
Some branches even provide music lessons and occasionally we organize concerts.

So, Bol Pianos has much more to offer than just the purchase of a piano, digital piano or grand piano. We advise you and share your passion for music. 
Together with you, we would like to ensure that beautiful and good instruments are in optimal condition at home. 

Rental(for one day)

At Bol Pianos you can rent pianos or grand pianos for an event or a certain (short) period.

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Buy or sell

You can offer your instrument for sale at Bol Piano's and it is quite possible that Bol wants to buy your instrument.

A mail with as complete information as possible, we would appreciate it very much.

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Restoration and revision

Bol Pianos is the place for expert maintenance, repair and restoration of your instrument. Whether it's a complete restoration or a small repair, highly skilled technicians are ready to make your instrument play well, or just like new again. 

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In order to keep your precious instrument in good condition, we advise you to keep it in good condition atnd tune it 2 x year.  Bol has an extensive network of tuners/technicians throughout the Netherlands.

So wherever you live, there is always a good qualified tuner in your region!

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Transportation and removal

Apart from our own transportation service, we also work with other qualified transporters in the Netherlands and beyond.

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At Bol Pianos it is possible to rent a piano or grand piano for a fixed monthly fee.

Read more about this low-threshold option!

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Are you curious about the value of your instrument?

Our experienced appraisers will be happy to expertly determine this for you. 


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