(27th of April – 31st of May 2020)


We open the new showroom in Diamond Plaza 2 with a special opening piano promotion. This launching promotion includes new pianos of well-known piano brands such as Gerh.Steinberg Pianos, Perzina Pianos, for which we are exclusive distributor in Africa, as well as second hand pianos of well-known brands at a good quality;

By this opening piano promotion we want to give an incentive to all piano lovers in Kenya and Africa by making them accessible for all those who wished to have a piano in their home and didn’t invest in one until now for different reasons.

We wish this opening piano promotion to bring a lot of joy in people's homes and hearts.

The Special Opening Piano Promotion will be available between (27th of April – 31st of May) and all the pianos available in this promotion will be at 50% discount of the buying price for all payments  made in advance.

Those interested in this promotion are invited to contact us from Monday to Sunday between 9 AM - 20 PM:

Bol Pianos Africa Contact Details:

Tel: +(254) 740 038306 E-mail: info@bolpianos.co.ke