Monthly rent of a piano or grand piano


Sometimes a beginning pianist doesn't know which instrument he or she wants to have at home.
This uncertainty sometimes forms a barrier to purchase immediately. Our experience shows that, if the instrument is good, beautiful and above all to the taste, the beginning pianist(s) usually knows within a year whether or not he or she wants to continue playing the piano. So far we have found that about 70% of beginners continue playing and buy an instrument after the rental period.
As a beginning pianist you can rent a piano or grand piano from us for an attractive monthly fee. By default, we charge 2% of the price of the new or second-hand instrument as a monthly fee and after 12 months you can buy the instrument. The 12 paid instalments will be deducted in full from the purchase price upon purchase and the already paid return transport will also be deducted from the purchase price.

If you stop playing the piano after the rental period, we will collect the instrument from you and you do not owe us anything else. In consultation a rental extension is also possible.

Renting is only possible with our acoustic pianos and grand pianos. This is not possible with digital pianos.