If you have an instrument that you want to sell, you can do this via our company. Bol Pianos can decide to buy the instrument for an certain amount, but Bol can also act as an agent by placing your piano in the showroom and to sell it for a price which is agreed with the seller.

You can sign up for selling here

  • your name
  • product type: piano or grand
  • Type / model: hight of the piano or lenght of the grand
  • Serial number
  • Colour
  • Transport situation (ground floor,stairs,....).
If you add pictures to the instrument description and answer all the above questions, we will be able to respond to your offer as soon as possible.
Due to the large number of used pianos on offer at the moment, it may take a few working days before we respond to your email. We aim to respond as soon as possible.
We will contact you with our proposal. It is also possible that we make an appointment with you to have a look at your instrument on the spot. However, we are often able to review your offer immediately and respond by email.