August Förster

August Förster 156


Width (cm) 145
Length (cm) 156
Serialnumber 30330
Year of construction 1912
Shop Krimpen

Totally restored baby grand piano of August Forster. With his size an easy to place grand because of its compact dimensions. Equipped with a beautiful new black high gloss lacquer.

Friedrich August Forster founded his first factory in 1862 just outside the town of Lobau (Germany, near the Polish and Czech borders). After his death in 1897 the company was taken over by his son, Cesar Forster. The modern factory in Jurikov-Georgswald (Bohemia, Czech Republic) was founded by him in 1900.

Cesar Forster died at a young age in 1915 and was succeeded by his two sons Gerhard and Manfred.

In 1945 August Forster was forcibly taken over by the state, after which the Forster pianos and grand pianos were made by the Czech company Petrof.

The instruments built in the Czech Republic are known under the names Weinbach and Forster.

Shortly after the fall of the Wall in 1991 the company came back into the hands of the Forster family. Led by Wolfgang Forster (deceased in 2012) and his daughter Annakatrin, about 40 people worked on the production of pianos and grand pianos. Every year at Jahn Strasse 8 in Lobau about 150 pianos and 120 grand pianos are made. In the Netherlands the instruments from Lobau were sold under the name Berger and later under the name Forster Lobau.

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