Baldwin 115


Height (cm) 115
Width (cm) 145
Depth (cm) 50
Serial number 336422
Year of construction 1996
Shop Veenendaal

Compact model of the famous American manufacturer Baldwin. The piano has the typical clear, strong sound.

Baldwin originally dates back to 1857, when Dwight Hamilton Baldwin (1821 - 1899) started teaching piano, organ and violin in Cincinnati (Ohio). In 1862 Baldwin started a Decker Brothers (New York) dealer shelf. In 1866 the D.H. Baldwin & Company was founded together with Lucien Wulsin, initially as an accountant and from 1873 also as a partner. Under Lucien Wulsin's leadership, the D.H. Baldwin & Company had grown to become the largest piano dealer in the mid-west of the United States in 1890.

Baldwin died in 1899 and left most of his legacy to finance missionary missions. Lucien Wulsin eventually bought the Baldwin estate and continued the shift from retail to production.
In 1891 the first piano was sold, in 1895 the first grand piano was introduced and from 1920 Baldwin made the pianola.
In 1900 Baldwin won his first major prize at the` Exposition Universelle` in Paris with the piano model 112. Baldwin pianos also won top prizes at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition and the Anglo-American exhibition in 1914.
From 1913 onwards, Baldwin was a solid company with retailers in the United States and exports to thirty-two countries.
During the Second World War, just like in Europe, almost no pianos were built and at that time Baldwin made wooden reinforcements for airplanes.
The technology that was developed was used for the incredibly strong tuning blocks that were placed in Baldwin instruments after the war.
Baldwin became a big name for many important musicians like Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, Earl Wild, Liberace, Dave Brubeck, Bruce Hornsby, Oscar Peterson etc. chose Baldwin as their favorite instrument.
In 1966 Baldwin introduced the SD-10 concert grand piano together with Bechstein.
Later Baldwin became a versatile financial billion dollar company that went bankrupt in 1984. The management of the Baldwin Piano Company bought the instrument production part of the huge financial company and continued to make high quality pianos and grand pianos.
Eventually, as with many European brands, competition from cheap Asian pianos took its toll. The company is now part of Gibson Guitar Corporation. American production has stopped and two huge Chinese piano manufacturers are now producing and exporting pianos and grand pianos with the name Baldwin(pianos: Zhongshan & Dongbei; grand pianos with Baldwin specifications, by Parsons Music).
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