Casio PX-5S


Height (cm) 13.5
Width (cm) 132.2
Depth (cm) 28.6

PX-5S. The new flagship among stage pianos

Equipped with CASIO's new convincing AiR sound, the PX-5S delivers incredibly realistic and detailed piano sounds. The sound power of AiR technology is revealed in the all-new Vintage Sounds range of electric piano- and claviolet classics. In combination with a new high-quality effect module, the PX-5S has an extensive arsenal of both acoustic and electronic piano sounds.

Advanced Features

In addition, the PX-5S offers hex-layer sounds taken from the award-winning XW-P1 synthesizer. The PX-5S has no equal as a stage piano: it features four master-keyboard zones, four freely configurable rotary controls, six freely configurable sliders, two connections for pedals and a pitch and modulation wheel. The four independent, programmable arpeggiators and the eight-track phrase sequencer set a new standard for individual musicians. All this is combined in a housing that weighs just 11.1 kilograms.

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