Feurich 125


Height (cm) 125
Width(cm) 148
Depth (cm) 61
Serial number 73871
Year of construction 1989
Shop Krimpen

This is a still original German Feurich piano. Because of the high model a beautiful full sound. The piano is very well maintained and in perfect condition.

Julius Gustav Feurich founded the Pianofortefabrik Feurich in Leipzig in 1851 - after having worked for Irmler, Erard and Pleyel - and after successfully selling pianos, he started building grand pianos from 1877. The only son Heinrich Hermann Feurich took over the company in 1893 and under his leadership the company expanded and the production was modernised.

Until 1928, Feurich, just like other well-known German piano builders and with the exception of the First World War, had their best years. After the crash of 1929 and the Second World War it was not until 1950 that Feurich started producing again. From 1951 Feurich, more than half of them and together with Hoffmann, Fritz Kuhla, Heinrich Haegele and Euterpe were part of the Euterpe factory.

Julius Feurich Pianofortefabrik GmbH had its successful period in the 1970s to the first half of the 1980s, but from around 1985 the competition became stronger and in 1991 Euterpe (and therefore Feurich) was taken over by Bechstein.

From the moment that the brands Bechstein, Hoffmann and Zimmermann as well as the Feurich instruments were placed on the 'Bechsteingroup', Feurich went downhill. Prior to the bankruptcy in 1993 the Feurich share of Bechstein was bought back and since 1995 the Julius Feurich Pianofortefabrik (together with Hupfeld and Ronisch) is located in Gunzenhausen. Until 2010, the Feurich pianos and grand pianos were built in German quality and to German quality standards.

In 2010 Feurich merged with Wendl & Lung, after which the pianos were made by the Chinese Hailun Musical Instruments in Ningbo. Since 2012, Feurich instruments have also been made in Germany under the name JF Pianofortemanufaktur in Gunzenhausen.

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