Kaiser K1F Silent


Heigth (cm) 121
Width (cm) 148
Depth (cm) 62
Serial number 776965
Year of construction/ restoration 1980/2017
Shop Krimpen

This Kaiser piano was built by Yamaha in the early 80s.
In quality, sound and playing ability this instrument does not differ from the well-known Yamaha U1.
Together with the built-in solid and good sounding GPPD-2S silent system, this is a quality instrument at a very favorable price.

Factory new restored Kaiser at Bol pianos:
  • New polyester varnish / white hgl. available

  • Pedals and hinges polished
  • Soundboard repainted
  • Softfall keypad
  • New key covers
  • felt replacement
  • Japanese origin / quality certificate

Bol Pianos & Grand pianos is the only company in Europe to offer more than 500 reconditioned Japanese pianos & grand pianos with a five-year certificate guarantee. All instruments have undergone a complete mechanical revision. This means that the hammers, strings and dampers have been replaced or are still of original excellent quality. The soundboards are carefully checked, sanded and repainted to ensure optimal sound and long life. The cabinets are painted in new high gloss black or white.
Sometimes a novice pianist does not yet know which instrument he or she would like to have at home to start playing the piano. That is why you can also rent the pianos at Bol Pianos. In that case, you can first play the instrument at home on the basis of monthly rent, after which you can always proceed to purchase it.

Renting is only possible with our acoustic pianos and grand pianos.

If you would like to know more about the possibility of renting, you can do so via our contact form, or you can also send an e-mail to info@bolpianos.nl