Kemble 124 silent


Heigth (cm) 124
Width (cm) 147
Depth(cm) 61
Serial number 320037
Year of construction 2004
Shop Kalmthout

Ensemble 124 Vermont piano, performed in cherry satin. Now a special offer including Bolan Premium silent system.

The Kemble piano is still originally built by the then Kemble factory at Milton Keynes in England. It was still the time that Director/Owners Bob Kemble and Denzil Jacobs designed this special model as the narrowest piano in the world, with a nearly complete range of keys over 7 octaves (85 keys instead of 88).

The piano is executed in a beautiful English walnut and is in very good condition with a beautiful sound. Afterwards Kemble was taken over by Yamaha and a few years ago the factory closed its doors and the production was transferred to Indonesia.
Kemble was imported in these years by the importer J.Domp B.V where our own director owner Ron BOL was working at the time as sales director and this piano was still sold by the fa.Brinkmann at the Dorpsstraat/Zoetermeer. Funny how you sometimes come across a piano later on. This piano was obtained by trade-in/purchase. J.Domp B.V. sold at that time as the largest piano company of yesteryear approx. 500 of these pianos a year in the Netherlands.
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