Schimmel 120


Heigth (cm) 120
Width (cm) 150
Depth (cm) 53.5
Serial number 252333
Year of construction 1986
Shop Krimpen

This young Schimmel piano is performed is beautifully creamy white. The piano has a so-called 'grand piano lid' which gives this instrument an extra luxurious look. The piano is equipped with a 'Bell-Frame' at the back, which gives the piano a beautiful deep, full sound.

Wilhelm Schimmel (1854-1946) founded the famous Schimmel piano factory in Leipzig in 1885 and from 1892 onwards the building of grand pianos was started. In 1927 his son Wilhelm Arno Schimmel took over the company, moved it to Braunschweig and - due to the difficult economic times - merged the company with other piano manufacturers under the name 'Deutsche Pianowerke AG'. Schimmel became an independent company again in 1931. In 1951, Schimmel presented the world's first transparent plexiglass grand piano and in 1956 a grand piano with built-in radio, turntable and tape recorder.

When Wilhelm Arno Schimmel died in 1961, his son Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel succeeded him. Under his leadership, the company experienced strong growth; three French piano factories were taken over: Gaveau (1967), Erard (1970) and Pleyel (1971). These brands returned to France between 1994 and 1996 and are now part of the 'Manufacture Francaise de Pianos'.

Today, the company is run by Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel and Xiejun Wang.

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