Seiler 186


Length (cm) 186
Width (cm) 155
Serial number 16737
Year of construction 2007
Shop Krimpen

A rare original German Seiler 186 Maestro grand pianofrom 2007.

In 1849 Eduard Seiler (1814-1875) founded his pianoforte factory in Liegnitz (now Legnica, southwest Poland).
Seiler was the largest piano builder in Prussian Lower Silesia when the factory was taken over by his widow and ten children on his death in 1875.
Between 1896 and 1911 factories were built and several branches were opened (Hamburg, Breslau, London and Dresden).
Seiler's top year was 1928, but after the stock market crash of 1929 all branches were closed and in 1945 the family had to give up the factory and flee from Germany.
From 1951 to 1957 Seiler instruments were built by Steffen Seiler at Brodr Jorgensen in Copenhagen and from 1957 Seiler was built again in Germany; first in Lauglau and from 1961 in Kitzingen.
In the 60's and 70's Steffen Seiler developed several patented improvements including the well known SMR technique, in which two magnets ensure an exceptionally fast rehearsal of a piano mechanism.
Unfortunately, the Seiler factory went bankrupt in 2008 and was taken over by the Korean company Samick.

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