Young Chang G-185


Lengte (cm) 185
Breedte (cm) 146.5
Serienummer 035909
Bouwjaar 1988
Vestiging Krimpen

A beautiful white high gloss grand piano from Young Chang's best production period.
The technical cooperation with the then world famous West German Piano and grand company Rud. Ibach Sohn, is clearly tangible and audible.
Young Chang was founded in 1956 by the brothers Jai-Young Kim, Jai-Chang Kim and Jai-Sup Kim in Seoul (South Korea) and initially made pianos for Korea and other parts of Asia from Yamaha parts.
In 1962 Young Chang Akki Co. Ltd. was founded in 1962, and after Yamaha signed the technical support agreement in 1968, she began to produce her own pianos. In 1970, Young Chang built a new factory in Incheon, Korea and from 1971 onwards, pianos and grand pianos were exported from there.

In May 1979 Young Chang America (YCA) was founded, followed by Young Chang Canada (YCC, 1984) and Young Chang Europe (YCE, 1989). The technical agreement concluded in 1986 with the famous West German Piano and Wing company Rud. Ibach Sohn resulted in an enormous improvement in the quality of the Young Chang pianos and grand pianos. Between 1986 and 1990 Young Chang made her most beautiful instruments.

In 1990 Young Chang, Kurzweil Music Systems, bought an important manufacturer of electronic keyboards. In 1995 the complete piano and grand piano line was redesigned by Joseph J. Pramberger. Following Pramberger's success with the 'Signature' models, he released the 'Platinum' pianos in 2000.

In June 1996, Young Chang America, Inc. (including Kurzweil Music Systems and Young Chang Timber) became a 100% subsidiary of Young Chang Akki Co. Ltd. and opened in Tianjin, China, the largest piano and grand piano factory in history.
In 2006, the factory underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and in 2006 Young Chang became a subsidiary of the Hyundai Development Group.

Young Chang's two-year partnership with Delwin Fandrich resulted in the introduction of a newly designed piano line in 2009, which then went into production and distribution in North America in 2010.

Young Chang has made pianos and grand pianos for the following companies:
Bohemia, Cline, Essex (for Boston Piano & Co and since 2000 for Steinway), Falcon, Hohner, PianoDisc, Pramberger, Rieger-Kloss, Roth & Junius, Sagenhaft, George Steck, Weber and Wurlitzer.

The brand names used by Young Chang are:

Astor (1991), Behning, Bergmann & Steigermann (1999, Tianjin, export to US), Concorde, Knabe, Nakamichi (joint venture), Nakamura, Ridgewood, Schafer & Sons, Sohmer and of course Young Chang.
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